How to Get to Halki
The island of Halki has no airport and therefore requires a flight to Rhodes with onward transfers. The ferry service is operated by two alternating boats, departing to Halki every day throughout the season from Kamiros Skala, a small port on the Western coast of Rhodes. The journey to Halki Island is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Halki is also served by ferries that connect the island with Rhodes and Piraeus. 

Analytical there are four ways of getting there by boat:

1. By ferry from the Rhodes Harbour 

Halki is only two hours by ferry from Rhodes’ main harbour.
Halki is serviced by the large ferries that leave the port of Piraeus, and service the “off-the beaten track” islands of the Aegean. It is a beautiful journey, especially if one wants to get a cabin, and passes through a number of islands, including Karpathos, Kasos and Leros. The journey is about 22 hours port to port. These large ferries come through the island 2 times a week.
You can either travel with the ferries from Piraeus (22 hours) , or catch them from the port of Rhodes on the days that they pass through and will then have a 2 hour journey from the port of Rhodes to the port of Halki.
Information for timeteables can be found at:

2. By boat from Kameiros Scala

Alternatively, you can take the small local boats, the καίκι (caique) from Kameiros Scala, a small port on the west side of Rhodes: the boat leaves every day at 2:30 p.m. but during the season there are extras routes and the trip takes about one hour and fifteen minutes (€11/person).
There are three local caiques which run the boat service between Halki and Kameiros Skala.
These are the Fedon (+306937252525) , the Nissos Halki(+306946519817) and Nikos Express(+306946826905).
Chalki-Kamiros Lines, 85110 Halki, Dodekanissos. Port Authority Phone: +30 22460 45220.
Tickets are sold on board and you have the option of reservation.

3. By speed boats from Kameiros Scala

There are other modes of transportation from Kameiros Scala as well. A private water taxi, called Kazandzidis, is run by Alevandros and also departs from Kameiros Scala daily and some times even twice a day. He returns to Kameiros Scala from Halki every morning . His telephone number for bookings is: +306944434429.
Also the high speed boat Fedon has been added daily.  Departs from Kameiros Scala at 9:15 am and arrives at Halki at 10:00am.  Also some days it departs at 17:00 from Kameiros Scala and arrives at Halki Island at 18:00. 

4. By the Katamaran from Rhodes Harbour

Dodecanisos Seaways performs sea routes to and from Rhodes two times a week. Usually on summer time it departs every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00am from the main port of Rhodos Town (kolona port).  It arrives at Halki Island approximately at 10:15am.   The website for more information is:
Ticket office: Thalassini Pili, “Kolona” part of the Rhodes harbour.
Summer working hours: 07:30 until 22:00
E-mail :
In any case we are always available to assist you on how to get to Halki Island depending on the day of your arrival.  We can suggest you the easiest and fastest way to get there.