Don't forget

Don’t forget…

To buy: exceptional quality honey, which has gained and award at Thessaloniki International Festival.  Also sesame roles, kneaded bread and hand-made pasta.

To attend the religious festivals: Agios Georgios, on April 23rd, on the island of Alimia.  Excursion, pilgrimage and celebrations all beautifully combined. 

Panagia on August 15th.

Ai Giannis Alarga, on August 29th.  The island’s largest celebration which includes a feast and dancing.

Stavros tou xylou, on September 14th.

Agios Nicolaos, patron saint of the island, on the December 16th.

Attend the festivities during the international youth gathering at the island of “Peace and friendship of the youth of the world” as proclaimed by UNESCO.