Villa Phaedra
Villa Phaedra Available June 1st 2020
Villa Phaedra is a New Exclusive Traditional Luxury Villa located around 80 meters from the main port of Halki Island. It was an old house which reconstructed totally in June 2020. The dilapidated house that pre-existed was converted into a traditional guest house which accommodates up to 2 persons. Its architecture is in complete harmony with the local forms and the character of the old houses of the island. The stone, wood, traditional mortars and tile used in its reconstruction, its design and its equipment, create a welcoming and harmonious space.  Villa Phaedra will work under the Management of the Admiral's House team.
It is a luxurious Villa offering quality accommodation, specialized services and one of the best hospitality experience. 
The villa has its own private Terrace Garden offering sunbeds, family table and of course direct access to the sea.
At Villa Phaedra, the management and staff are on hand to make every moment of your stay memorable.
The Admiral’s House Management Team is very proud of this new project and is ready to welcome you to the Island of Halki.