Sights worth seeing

Sights worth seeing

The Town Hall.

The Clock Tower.

The church of Agios Nikolaos.

The three windmills, high up on the mountain, above Nimborio.

The ruins from the temple of Apollo on outskirts of Horio.

Horio (the old vilage).

The churches of Panagia, Agios Nikolaos and Agia Triada, at the foot of the castle.

The churches of Agios Eleftherios and Stavros near Horio.

The monastery of Ai Giannis Alarga, 7,5km West, with its perennial cypress.  Surrounding it are a few houses owned by the monastery, where you can stay.

The monastery of Archangel Michael, 5km, North West.

The monastery of Agia Triada and the chapel of Stavros tou Xylou, near Ai Giannis, with a view of Tilos.

The cave in the area Kelia, and old hermitage containing stone drawings.

Kamenos Spilios to the North West of the island.