Admiral Periandros Lambiris

Admiral Periandros Lambiris


The Admiral Periandros Lambiris was born in Chalki Island on December 4th 1931.

On September 28th 1949 he entered the Greek Navy Academy, which he graduated on February 25th 1953 as a standard bearer.

On February 17th 1956 he was upgraded to 3rd sea captain, on March 11th 1960 as second captain, and on February 25th 1965 as a first captain.

On March 23rd 1982 he was upgraded to Vice Admiral.  He retired on December 19th 1984 as Admiral and Second in command of the Greek forces.  He was reinstated on February 1st 2001 as naval reserve.

He was in charge as captain on many Naval ships.

Captain of navy ship ΔΑΝΙΟΛΟΣ, ΣΑΚΙΠΗΣ,  and ΛΟΓΧΗ.

As a captain he was the chief of the 2nd naval office and second in command of the Greek Navy Academy.

He became second in command of the Greek military  and navy forces.

In 1995 he became the director of the military cabinet of the Presidency of the Hellenic Republic for President Mr. Kostis Stefanopoulos.

In his carrier he was nominated with many medals such as:

Golden Cross of King George the A’

Order of the Phoenix

Order of Honor

1st Order of Honor

1st Order of the Phoenix from the Polish Democracy

1st Order of the Phoenix of Isabella the catholic from the king of Spain

1st Order of Appreciation

Silver Cross B’ of Honor from the Austrian President of Democracy

1st Order of Star from the king of Sweden

1st Order of Cross of Eagle from the president of Estonia

Military Honor 4th , 3rd, 2nd and 1st.

All of the medals are displayed within the house.